Frequently Asked Questions

  • Covid-19/Sanitation Practices

    • ​Tiny Dinners approaches these times with every precaution necessary to ensure the safety and well being of our clients. Our high level sanitary practices are held with upmost integrity inside your home, along with every step taken outside of your home before our event together; masks, social distance, and sanitized hands at all times. You can be sure that your health is just as important to us, as it is to our own families.

  • Dietary Restrictions/Requirements/Preferences

    • ​As we learn more about ourselves, we learn what foods make us feel good and what foods make us feel bad. Chef Wes has managed all types of requirements over the years and has the adaptability to manage any requirement, or preference, you may have.

  • Sourcing

    • ​Tiny Dinners sources the highest quality provisions available through local farms and businesses. In rare cases where we need to source products from outside of our area, we utilize places that fall in line with our values in sustainability, responsibility, and integrity.