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Welcome to Tiny Dinners Book Club Dinner Series.

We choose a book from the shelf and choose 5 courses, prepare and serve them to you exactly as they were written by the Chef. A fun way to transport yourself across the country or world.


"After decades spent traveling throughout Thailand, Andy Ricker wanted to bring the country's famed food stateside. In 2005 he opened Pok Pok, so named for the sound a wooden pestle makes when it strikes a clay mortar, in an old shack in a residential neighborhood of Portland, Oregon...


Ricker shares seventy of the most popular recipes from Thailand and his Pok Pok restuarants - ranging from Khao Soi Kai (Northern Thai curry noodle soup with chicken) to Som Tam Thai (Central Thai-style papaya salad) to Pok Pok's now-classic (and obsessed-over) Fish-Sauce Wings.


Pok Pok is more than just a collection of favorite recipes: it is also a master course in Thai cooking from one of the most passionate and knowledgable authorities on the subject."

Book Club Dinner Series | Pok Pok 4/20

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